"Beyond Human" -  Artstation Challenge
This is my submission to the "Beyond Human" Artstation keyframe challenge. The goal of the challenge was to create four keyframes, that tell engaging stories and produce an emotional response. 

These are my final keyframes: 
My goal was to tell a buddy-movie-type of story revolving around a dog and a cat, living in a world where animal-civilizations have replaced mankind with only hints of human existance left. 

I started out by gathering reference, taking notes and doing exploration sketches for the two main characters. Since I knew from the beginning that I would only be able to work in the evenings of the 3 weeks production time, I came up with a timeline and clear milestones, to make sure I'd be able to deliver the final images on time:
After the main characters where set, I started doing exploration sketches for storymoments the two characters could face on their journey: 
From these storyboard sketches, I picked four moments that would show the characters in variety of interesting situations. Since one of my goals with this challenge was to develop my character and story skills, I picked moments that focused on character interaction. 

Next, I devloped final compositions & layout-lineworks from the initial storyboards and prepared value- and color-sketches in order to figure out as many design-questions before beginning the final rendering process:
In the video below, I captured the entire painting process of one of the final keyframes: 
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