Hi, I'm Friedemann Allmenröder

I'm a game design student and freelance visual development artist for animation and games. I specialize in creating storydriven designs that communicate with an audience and bringing them to life with meaningful color and light. Select one of the galleries below and have a look!

Beyond Human - Keyframes
A series of keyframes as visual development for a story revolving around animal characters in a sci-fi western environment.
Quick Tour deprecated
15 images to give you a quick idea of what I do.
Ghost Hunters
A personal story-project, revolving around three kids living in London in the early 1900s. Still working on this project currently.
A personal project I did as a visual development exercise. The goal was to turn an audiobook into designs for a fictional animated movie.
Instagram Sketches
A series of warm-up sketches in 1x1 format. I did these to practice characters & colorpalettes and create a daily painting habbit.
Motivarti Mentorship
These images were done as part of a 10 week 1-on-1 Mentorship with visual development artist Nicolas Weis.
Windlands Concept Art
VR game I worked on for several months as freelance concept artist.
A game project done for university. I was mainly responsible for developing the game's visuals and creating scripts that auto-generate 100s of harmonious colorschemes.
A 2D experimental atmospheric game done as part of my bachelor. I was mainly responsible for designing the game's look and creating art assets.
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