Project Overview: 
Website:  Click here
Team:  3 students, first year Game Design Bachelor at HTW Berlin
Plattform:  PC
Development:  3 months
Technology: Unity, C#
ROM is an experimental atmospheric experience. It allows players to explore a desolate island, revive it's forgotten machines and take control of the game's atmosphere and weather. The game demo was developed as a first year project for university and published on 
To give you an impression of the game, here's our trailer: 
My contribution
My responsibilities included: 
- Designing and maintaining the game's visual style
- Painting the game's ingame assets
- Prototyping in Unity/C#
- Composing and Producing the game's music and sounds
- Producing the trailer and other visual marketing assets for the game

The team consisted of: 
Paul Schnepf
Shahriar Shahrabi 
Friedemann Allmenröder (me)

and we were coached by our professors: 
Susanne Brandhorst
Thomas Bremer

Here are some photos from the game's development:
Concept Art and Development Sketches
During the game's development, we went through some heavy iteration regarding the game's style and content. Here are a few examples of "fake-screenshots" and concepts I painted when we were trying to figure out what we want the game to look and feel like:
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