This project was an excercise in storytelling and visual development for me. In order to not spend weeks on writing a story I decided to develop visuals to a story that has been written but doesn't have any visuals. 

I picked "The Haunted Castle", a very popular audio-drama in Germany, that revolves around three young detectives investigating the haunted castle of a deceased hollywood millionaire. The image above serves as an opening shot, whichs shows the maincharacters arriving at their uncle's junkyard where they plan to spend their summer holydays. 

Like many other projects, this one started as dozens of pages of scribbling and ideation in my sketchbook: 
Locations & Prop-Design:
After the initial sketch-phase, I did a lot of prop- & location-sketches as preliminary work to the production paintings, in order to figure out how everything looks, works and how it best serves it's purpose in the story:
Production Paintings: 
The project concluded in a series of "faux-production-paintings" showing several key-situations from the story.

I want to say big thanks to Nicolas Weis, Timo Becker, Till Holder, Adrian Wilkins and everyone else who helped me along the way with valuable feedback!
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